Cigna Onsite

We know how important a personal touch is when it comes to many things, especially healthcare. That's why we've invested in a unique, hands-on service—a dedicated onsite Cigna rep—located in Santa Clara. Employees working in Santa Clara can set up a face-to-face appointment with our onsite rep, Patrece Mejia. Visit her in building D11.1053, give her a call at 408-486-7390, or stop by from 11am-2pm every Tuesday at Endeavor Café or every Thursday at nth Street Café. If you work outside of Santa Clara (or prefer a different way to connect), you can send an email. No matter how you connect, our onsite Cigna rep will help ease your healthcare worries.

What Can Cigna Onsite Help With?

Choosing and navigating your health plan

  • Helping you choose the best medical plan for your needs
  • Finding in-network providers for medical care
  • Helping you navigate and the mobile app

Describing how your medical benefits work

  • What’s covered and how much it will cost you
  • Explaining terms like deductible, out-of-pocket maximum—and what services count toward meeting them
  • Procedures that need prior authorization
  • Introducing you to free programs and resources


  • How to file claims for out-of-network care*
  • Answering questions about claims and helping you to resolve claims issues, such as why you were charged for an annual physical, what happens if you’re covered under more than one medical plan, and what to do if your doctor’s bill doesn’t match the amount Cigna says you owe

For help with other plans (including prescription drug, behavioral health, dental, vision, health savings account, and flexible spending account), contact the appropriate plan administrator, call the NVIDIA Benefits Help Line at 1-844-807-7600 or email

*Although you’ll still need to actually file claims, if necessary.