Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Our Employee Stock Purchase Plan is one of the best in the industry, letting you buy NVIDIA shares at a discount to their market price.

In our previous offering period, participants saw gains ranging from 58 percent to as much as 125 percent by participating in this program. Gains will vary going forward, depending on how our shares perform, but you can make an immediate profit if you wish to take it. 

Here’s How It Works

Enroll in our current ESPP offering during the month you're hired or during an official enrollment period, which occurs in February or August. Elect to contribute from 1-10% of your salary through payroll deductions.

Each offering lasts up to 24 months and generally consists of four six-month purchase periods. At the end of each period, your accumulated contributions will purchase NVIDIA stock at a 15 percent discount. The discount will be applied to the lower of either the price of NVIDIA stock at the beginning of your offering period or its price at the end of the purchase period.

Full ESPP eligibility requirements and terms are contained in the ESPP Prospectus and Plan documents available on the NVIDIA Stock Administration site under "Reference Materials."