401(k) Retirement Plan

Save for the future with the NVIDIA 401(k) Retirement Plan. All regular employees are eligible to participate.

Joining gives you:

How To Save

You can pick one or more ways to contribute based on what is most important to you. In general, the difference between the contribution types is when you will be paying taxes.

  • Pre-tax. The money you save is deducted from your paycheck before federal and state taxes are withheld in applicable states. Why you might choose it: Your taxable income is lower, so you pay less in taxes per paycheck. Taxes on the money you save, NVIDIA’s matching contributions, and any investment earnings are deferred until you withdraw your money in retirement.
  • Roth. You pay taxes on the money you save today through your payroll contributions, but that’s it. Why you might choose it: When you’re eligible to withdraw your money, you don’t pay taxes on your contributions or the investment earnings (as long as you have met the five-year qualification period). You do pay ordinary income tax on NVIDIA’s matching contributions when you withdraw your money in retirement.
  • After-tax. The money you save is deducted after taxes and other deductions are withheld. Why you might choose it: You can save up to $31,500 in addition to any pre-tax or Roth contributions. You can withdraw your after-tax contributions any time, paying tax only on the investment earnings. Or you can convert your after-tax contributions to Roth savings within the NVIDIA 401(k) plan, and save even more under the Roth tax-free investment earnings program. (See next bullet.) NVIDIA does not match after-tax contributions.
  • In-plan conversion. You can transfer your pre-tax or after-tax savings into Roth savings within the NVIDIA 401(k) plan. Why you might choose it: You’ll pay federal income tax in the year of conversion, but that’s it. You do not pay taxes on the investment earnings after they are converted to Roth. 

Free Money From NVIDIA

If you participate in the NVIDIA 401(k) plan using pre-tax or Roth contributions, NVIDIA will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar every pay period, up to this year’s annual limit of $6,000 and fifty cents to a dollar for the next $2,000 of your contributions.

Investment Options

The way you invest in your 401(k) account is completely up to you—your contributions, NVIDIA’s match, and any funds you roll over from another account can all be invested in our core portfolio of funds, target date funds that match the year you think you’ll retire, or even in a brokerage account you set up with our administrator—Fidelity. Your funds, your choice, your retirement, it’s all about you! See all your investment options on the Fidelity website.


If you have a balance in a former employer’s retirement plan, you may want to consider consolidating your accounts by moving your money into the NVIDIA 401(k) Retirement Plan. For more information, go to the Fidelity website.

Loans and Withdrawals

Your 401(k) is meant for your future. However, NVIDIA understands you may find yourself in a situation where you need to borrow or withdraw from your account before retirement. If that happens, you can contact Fidelity to learn more about your choices.

Manage Your Account and Plan for Your Future

You’ll find a variety of tools on the Fidelity website to help you stay on top of your account and make plans for your future. Here’s an overview of what you can do:

  • Enroll
  • Change your contribution amount or type (for example, pre-tax, Roth or after-tax)
  • Change how your money is invested
  • Calculate how much you’ll need for retirement