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Gender Affirmation Support

Gender affirmation is a positive life event and something we celebrate at NVIDIA. It can also be a stressful and emotional journey. We provide a variety of mental health resources in addition to physical health benefits to help you or your family member transition. Learn more.

Feeling Stressed?

We’re here to help! Through our Employee Assistance Program, trained professionals are available to provide you and your family resources and counseling. Contact GuidanceResources at 1-844-729-5172 or online at guidanceresources.com. Web ID: NVIDIA.

You can also schedule an appointment with our dedicated counselors, Clark Hsu (he/him/his) or Chris Senter (she/her/hers).

Find coronavirus resources here.

For the latest information about the coronavirus, see the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or World Health Organization.

Thinking About Retiring?

We got your back! Via Benefits, a new NVIDIA partner, can help you or a family member find the right health insurance or Medicare plan. It offers a range of Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Part D plans with a variety of coverage levels. At no cost, experts at Via Benefits can help you research, compare, and enroll in an individual plan. Learn more on the Via Benefits website, in this webinar replay, or call 1-855-488-4553.

You’ll also want to check out CareCounsel. Your no-cost personal advisor who can explain what you need to know about Medicare, how it works with your NVIDIA coverage, and help you compare your healthcare options.