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When Can I Sign Up?

Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled in core benefits. For optional benefits, some rules apply:

  • Newly hired employees have 31 days from the date of hire to enroll, and coverage is retroactive to the date you joined. If you decline or don’t enroll in coverage, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the NVIDIA HDHP medical plan
  • All other employees can sign up or make changes during open enrollment, or if you have a qualified status change (such as a marriage, birth, or divorce)

Core benefits are offered at no cost to you. You pay a premium for optional benefits based on the plan(s) you choose and who you cover. Knowing the difference between core benefits and optional benefits can help you figure out when to sign up for the benefits you wish to have. Here’s the breakdown:

Core Benefits
(You're Automatically Enrolled)
Optional Benefits
(You Need to Enroll Within 31 Days of Your Date of Hire to Have Coverage)
Basic Employee Life Insurance Medical Plans
Business Travel Accident Insurance Vision Coverage
Disability Insurance Flexible Spending Accounts
GuidanceResources Supplemental Employee and Spouse/Child Life Insurance
Basic Spouse/Child Life Insurance LegalEase
Basic AD&D Insurance Voluntary Insurance for critical illness, auto, home, and pets