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Losing A Loved One

If you’ve lost a loved one, note that bereavement time is available to you. When you’re ready, you can lean on GuidanceResources, if it would be useful in the grieving process.


In many cases, it can be helpful just having someone to talk to. GuidanceResources provides you with professional, private, and confidential services through a network of qualified counselors and resources. You and each family member that resides with you may receive up to eight counseling sessions with a counselor per incident each year at no cost to you.

Contact GuidanceResources at 1-844-729-5172 or online at Register with Web ID: NVIDIA.

Survivor Benefits

If you had supplemental life insurance through NVIDIA for your loved one, contact the U.S. Benefits Team at 1-408-566-1234 or via email at They’ll walk you through what you need to do to file your life insurance claim.

Legal Insurance

If you are paying for legal insurance, note that you have access to a nationwide network of attorneys. They can help you with updating wills and working through any estate needs. Learn more.