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Caring For A Parent Or Grandparent

Caregiving requires significant time and emotional commitment. Find support and resources through NVIDIA programs.

Resources For Your Parent Or Grandparent

Legal Insurance

Tending to a parent’s or grandparent’s legal affairs can be complicated. For $18 a month, this plan provides you with access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can help you with common legal issues in person or by phone. Services include:

  • Document preparation, such as wills and living trusts
  • Separation and divorce support
  • Help with debt matters, like bankruptcy
  • Handling court needs for traffic tickets

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Resources For You


Sometimes, it can be helpful just having someone to talk to. GuidanceResources offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever you need them.

Contact GuidanceResources at 1-844-729-5172 or online at Register with Web ID: NVIDIA.

NVIDIA partners with to connect you with senior caregivers. Services include running background checks, reviewing references, and more. For more information or to find a provider, go to or call 1-855-781-1303.

Personal Concierge Service

Not enough time in your day to take care of appointments and shopping for your parent or grandparent? TimeSquared can help with any task—large or small, including grocery shopping, auto services, house cleaning, and running errands. Learn more.