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Change My Benefits Or Beneficiaries

Changing Benefits

There are certain times each year when you can enroll in or make changes to your benefits, including adding or removing dependents.​ These include open enrollment, if you have a qualified status change, and special enrollment periods.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to review your current benefits, consider whether they still fit your life, health, and financial needs, and then make any necessary changes.

Qualified Status Change

Outside of open enrollment, you can make changes to your coverage within 31 days if you have a qualified status change or if you lose coverage (in certain cases). Qualified status changes include:

  • Marriage, divorce, legal separation, or change in domestic partner relationship
  • Birth, adoption, or change in legal custody of a child
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Change in employment status that results in a loss or gain of benefits, such as beginning or ending employment, change in hours, or an unpaid leave of absence
  • Change in dependent status of a child
  • Significant change in spouse’s premium contributions
  • Significant change in dependent care charges
  • Entitlement to Medicare, Medicaid, or another insurance plan
  • Change in spouse’s benefit elections
  • Relocation of home residence outside of current coverage area

Special Enrollment Periods

Additionally, you and your eligible dependents may enroll in NVIDIA medical coverage during the year if:

  • You lose COBRA coverage under another plan
  • You lose coverage under another plan because employer contributions to the plan stopped, the plan was terminated, or the coverage ended due to divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, legal separation, termination of employment, or a reduction in hours
  • You are ordered by a court to provide coverage for a dependent under a Qualified Medical Coverage Support Order

Changing Beneficiaries

You can change your beneficiaries at any time via the following links:

  • Life/Accident Insurance: U.S. Benefits Enrollment Site
  • ESPP & 401(k): Go to NVIDIA's intranet and select “Beneficiaries” from the left hand navigation menu

Select the Qualified Status Change option. Then, upload your supporting documentation.